Borough Committees

Position Name Term Term
Mayor Winfield Iobst 4 years 1/1/2018
Council President Lee Ann Gilbert 4 years 1/1/2016
Council Vice-President Brian Holtzhafer 4 years 1/1/2016
Council Member Roy D.Anders, Jr. 4 years 1/1/2018
Council Member Wesley R. Barrett 4 years 1/1/2018
Council Member Nathan Brown 4 years 1/1/2016
Council Member Brent A. Labenberg 4 years 1/1/2018
Council Member Jeff Shubzda 4 years 1/1/2016

Emmaus Borough Committees - 2014 Meeting Schedule (please click link for schedule)

General Administration Wesley Barrett-Chairman, Lee Ann Gilbert, Brent Labenberg
The General Administration Committee has oversight over the Borough Manager, his/her activities and functions, and personnel of the central administrative offices of the Borough of Emmaus. This Committee also has oversight over the care and maintenance of Borough Hall and other municipal buildings.
Budget & Finance Brian Holtzhafer-Chairman, Lee Ann Gilbert, Jeff Shubzda
The Budget and Finance Committee has oversight responsibility for the preparation, presentation, revisions and completion of the annual budget, estimate of revenues and expenditures for each ensuing year, and for compliance with mandatory submissions to the Department of Community and Economic Development in accordance with procedures established by the Pennsylvania Borough Code. The Committee recommends the rate of tax or taxes required to be levied to meet the proposed expenditures. The Committee also reviews all bills on the bill list submitted to Council for approval and has oversight of spending in compliance with budgeted categories.
Public Safety Lee Ann Gilbert-Chairperson, Wesley Barrett, Nathan Brown
The Public Safety Committee shall have the oversight responsibility of all fire apparatus, emergency care, ambulance, police and other equipment placed in charge of said Committee by proper action of Council, owned by the Borough as well as advisory supervision of all such apparatus owned by the respective fire companies operating within the Borough, as well as the ambulance service and police department, and supervision of operations. This Committee shall work in cooperation with the Mayor of the Borough and shall not contravene the legal authority of the Mayor as said authority over the Police Department is delegated in the Borough Code. The Committee shall have responsibility for oversight of the personnel in the Fire Department, Ambulance Corps and the Police Department.
Public Works (Highway/Water & Sewer) Brent Labenberg-Chairman, Nathan Brown, Brian Holtzhafer
The Public Works Committee shall have the responsibility for oversight of the water service, sewer service and the roads and highways of the Borough. In regards to the Roads/Highways the Committee shall have oversight responsibility for the opening, construction, grading, paving of all streets, alleys, pavements, curbs, gutters, and street crossings, the construction and repairing of all bridges, sewers and culverts, and the regulations of all water courses, stormwater detention or retention facilities. This Committee shall further have responsibility for the Borough garages, grounds use for storage of highway supplies and all equipment purchased for highway use.
Parks & Recreation Roy Anders -Chairman, Wesley Barrett, Brent Labenberg
The Parks and Recreation Committee shall have operational control of all grounds and buildings used for public recreational purposes and shall require all apparatus and recreational facilities of whatsoever character to be used, managed and maintained in accordance with the requirements of public safety. Borough recreation programs shall be under direction of this Committee, which shall also coordinate other recreational programs having use of Borough facilities. The Emmaus Public Library building, shall remain under the supervision of the Board of Directors of the Emmaus Public Library. The Parks and Recreation Committee shall have oversight of the pool manager and pool-related personnel including but not limited to, lifeguards.
Health, Sanitation, & Codes

Jeff Shubzda -Chairman, Roy Anders, Brian Holtzhafer

The Health, Sanitation & Conservation Committee has supervision over solid waste collection in the Borough,although said supervision, in whole or in part, may be delegated to the Board of Health or the Borough Manager. This Committee shall also have the supervison over all curbside recylcing programs and yard waste sites. All liaison between the Borough Council and the Board of Health shall be handled by the Health and Sanitation Committee.
Community Relations, Planning & Development Nathan Brown-Chairman, Roy Anders, Jeff Shubzda
The Community Relations, Planning and Development Committee shall have as its general purpose the development of policies and proposals concerning the preservation and improvement of the vitality and quality of life of the Borough of Emmaus.
Lehigh County COG Reprsentative Wesley Barrett
Main Street Partners Representative/East Penn Chamber of Commerce Representative Nathan Brown
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