Code of Ordinances of Emmaus PA

Below you will find a list of Borough Code of Ordinances in PDF format.


The electronic version of the Borough of Emmaus Code of Ordinances is not the document of issue and the Borough of Emmaus’ printed and published Code remains the primary source and document of issue for any purpose. In the event of a conflict between the electronic version of the Code of Ordinances and the official printed Borough of Emmaus Code of Ordinances, the official printed Code of Ordinances shall govern. Copies of the official Borough of Emmaus Code of Ordinances may be purchased from the Borough. The user is advised that there may be amendments to the Code of Ordinances which have been enacted after the last revision date of the electronic version of the Code of Ordinances. If you have any questions about any ordinance, please contact the Borough Manager.

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Ordinances (PDF format)
Chapter 1 Administration and Government
Chapter 2 Animals
Chapter 3 Bicycles
Chapter 4 Buildings
Chapter 5 Code Enforcement
Chapter 6 Conduct
Chapter 7 Fire Prevention and Fire Protection
Chapter 8 Floodplains
Chapter 9 Grading and Excavating
Chapter 10 Health and Safety
Chapter 11 Housing
Chapter 12 Libraries
Chapter 13 Licenses Permits and General Business Requirements
Chapter 14 Mobile Homes and Mobile Home Parks
Chapter 15 Motor Vehicles and Traffic
Chapter 16 Parks and Recreation
Chapter 17 Planned Residential Development
Chapter 18 Sewers and Sewage Disposal
Chapter 19 Signs and Billboards
Chapter 20 Solid Waste
Chapter 21 Streets and Sidewalks
Chapter 22 Subdivision and Land Development
Chapter 23 Swimming Pools
Chapter 24 Taxation Special
Chapter 25 Trees
Chapter 26 Water
Chapter 27 Zoning
Ordinances Adopted Since Last Update
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