Emmaus Applications

The Borough requires that permits be obtained when someone is making substantial improvements to a property.  Depending on the circumstances, the Borough may require a Zoning Permit, Building Permit, Mechanical Permit, Plumbing Permit, or an Electrical Permit. Please click on the links below for important Zoning and Building Code Guidelines, and for downloadable forms.

Zoning and Building Code Guidelines

Community Events

The Borough looks forward to helping organizations make their events as successful as possible.  If you are holding a community event, please file in the Office of the Borough Manager a completed Community Event Information Sheet, which will be provided to the Borough Council, Mayor, and all Departments, so that the Borough can provide any necessary assistance or approvals.  The earlier that you submit the Information Sheet, the better it is for everyone.  Event Information Sheets that are submitted too close to an event risk that there will no be enough time to obtain approvals.

If you have questions about what approvals are necessary, contact the Office of the Borough Manager at 610-966-6357.


The Borough of Emmaus contracts with Raritan Valley for refuse and recyclable collection.  However, the Borough does not arrange for collection via dumpsters, which need to be arranged by the entity desiring dumpster service.  If you obtain dumpster service from Raritan Valley, there is no need to file a form indicating that; however, if you use an Independent Hauler, which is any refuse contractor other than Raritan Valley, you need to complete the Commercial Entity Dumpster Form and file it with the Borough Manager’s Office.

Additionally, if you are over the age of 65 or disabled, and of a low income, you may qualify for a reduced refuse rate.  If you believe that you may qualify for the discount, file the Reduced Rate Refuse Application with the Office of the Borough Manager, who will determine if you meet the qualifications.

Miscellaneous Forms

You may also find the following forms helpful.

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