Emmaus Borough Council 2014

Borough Council is the legislative body of the Borough. It is comprised of seven members, each elected at large for four-year overlapping terms. After each general municipal election (i.e. every two years), Borough Council is reorganized and a Council President is selected from among members to preside over Council meetings and other events. In addition, during the biennial organizational meeting, members elect among themselves a chairman and vice-chairman for the following committees: Budget & Finance, Community Relations/Development Committee, Health, Sanitation & Conservation Committee, General Administration Committee, Parks & Recreation, Public Safety, and Public Works. The primary duties of Borough Council include adoption of the annual budget, the establishment of policies for the conduct of Borough affairs, the enactment of ordinances and resolutions for the protection of the public's safety and welfare, and approval of contracts and bids. Furthermore, Council’s responsibilities include the appointment of the Borough Manager and other respective officials, along with members of various municipal boards and commissions.

Position Name Name Party Term Term Expires
Mayor Winfield Iobst D 4 years 1/1/2018
Council President Lee Ann Gilbert R 4 years 1/1/2016
Council Vice President Brian Holtzhafer D 4 years 1/1/2016
Council Member Roy Anders D 4 years 1/1/2018
Council Member Brent A.Labenberg R 4 years 1/1/2018
Council Member Nathan Brown R 4 years 1/1/2016
Council Member Jeff Shubzda I 4 years 1/1/2016
Council Member Wesley R. Barrett D 4 years 1/1/2018

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