Emmaus Zoning

This department regulates the use of land and the construction of buildings and other structures. The Borough Manager also serves as the Zoning Officer. The other area of responsibility in this department is general code enforcement. REQUIRED PERMITS: (For detailed information please call the Zoning Officer Jim Farnsworth at 610-967-1322)

  • BUILDING PERMITS - Required for pools, new construction and additions, or alterations extending the exterior of existing structures. All plans for construction of new houses and / or commercial structures, as well as, new additions to houses or commercial structures that require a footing, must be approved by the Building Inspector before a building permit will be issued.
    • Inspections will be performed when deemed applicable and at:
    • footing, before pouring
    • foundation
    • drywall
    • electrical
    • mechanical
    • framing
    • insulation and fire seal
    • final, before the issuance of an occupancy permit
  • Electrical & Mechanical permits – new construction & repairs. Inspections performed by CodeMaster.
  • PLUMBING PERMITS - new construction & repairs.  Inspections required: rough & final. Registered plumbers only, allowed to perform work in Borough of Emmaus.  They must secure either a Master or Journeyman license from Borough, renewable each year.
  • ZONING PERMITS - examples of zoning permits that are required would be for sheds, fences, patios, grading, retaining walls, construction of a new driveway or alteration of an existing driveway, signs, etc.
  • WATER & SEWAGE PERMITS - Required for the installation of a new water service or sewage connection and for the repair or enlargement of an existing system.
  • MOVING PERMITS - Required when moving into, out of, or within Emmaus Borough.
  • OCCUPANCY PERMITS - Required when occupying a newly constructed dwelling or business.
  • Solicitation Permits - Must be obtained before engaging in peddling in Emmaus Borough.

Control stormwater runoff from new construction activities. Click here to see more information and helpful hints on construction runoff.

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